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warm, deep, powerful yet calming.
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a versatile voice

Growing up in Southern California provided me with a neutral American accent with a voice that is warm and commanding and can put you at ease. I have extensive experience in a wide range of other accents, too, including the diverse dialects of the U.S. such as General American, Southern, New York, and Midwest. Additionally, I can skillfully portray European accents like German, Russian, British English (Received Pronunciation and Cockney), Scottish, and Irish.My background is quite varied, encompassing psychology, military service, and theatre. These experiences greatly enhance my performances in audio dramas, character voices, and narrations, allowing me to bring depth, articulation and authenticity to every project.With my diverse vocal and accent capabilities, I am particularly well-suited for a variety of genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and slice-of-life narratives. Whether it's creating a captivating otherworldly atmosphere or bringing relatable characters to life, I am dedicated to bringing your vision to fruition.

From my cozy home studio, I prioritize flexibility, precision, and most importantly, client satisfaction. I am always ready to tailor projects to meet specific needs and deliver exceptional results.

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recently released work

"Queen of Battle" as Drill Sergeant Dower

"A Dark Light Shivers" as Antoine Doumoinx

"1st Rhode Island" as Nicholas Wilson

"For the Moon" as bigoted library visitor

"Rise of the First Sentinel" as Gatz

"Pam" as Bruce

non fiction narration

Chimera Films "Avengers" fan project as Capt Britain

"Ghost Goose" as Mark

roles coming soon

Past Pretense (Jonas)

Killing Xander (Robert)

Dean's Killer Joke (Officer Capazzo)

Kev. (Mob Boss)

Tales of Shady Grove (Mysterious Man)

Parallel Lives (Police Officer)

Explorist Doc Channel (Narrator)

Currently engaged in several exciting, yet-to-be-revealed projects, my 2024 holds the promise of lots of new characters. Come back for updates!


πŸŽ™οΈ AT2020 (cardioid condenser)
πŸŽ›οΈ Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface
🎚️ DAW: Reaper and/or Audacity
🎧 sound-dampened (acoustic foam) home studio booth
πŸ”‰ noise floor -60dB
Directed Sessions: Skype, Zoom, Phone, MS Teams, Meet, Source Connect NowDelivered Formats: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, 24 bit, MP3, WAV, AIFF

Delivering clean, punched, broadcast quality audio from my home studio booth in the Ozarks.

what folks have said

"[T]he delivery of these lines, as well as going above and beyond with the British accent required from him (which I approve of as a Londoner), makes me confident his voice will leave a lasting impression on those who watch upon release."Mike Fairbanks, Toonshed

"With his bald pate and grim mien, [J Hazen] is a genuinely menacing Julian." - Eric Marchese on "Communicating Doors" at Long Beach PlayhouseThe Grunion Gazette

"Another highlight of the show is J Hazen....he particularly shines in his part as the innkeeper. He is incredibly expressive; he speaks through his looks even when he has no lines. Every time he is onstage he is present and in character to the fullest extent. He is a real pleasure to watch." -Kimberly O'GormanLong Beach Press-Telegram

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more about me

Originally from California, with my early years in the high desert before growing up in Los Angeles, I'm a proud member of Generation X now enjoying the peace of the Ozarks. My path has been rich and varied, marked by 13 years of military service, including two tours of duty, over two decades in healthcare, and a personal victory over cancer. These chapters in my life have profoundly shaped my perspective and fueled my commitment to living fully. For the last 26 years, I've also pursued a passion for the performing arts, delving into stage acting and occasionally stepping into the world of TV and film.In 2021, I ventured into voice acting, starting with a project for Audible. This has led to opportunities in voiceover work for films and audio dramas. I enjoy roles that challenge me and allow me to use the variety of accents I've learned from my travels and life experiences. My voice tends to suit a wide range of characters, and I also write and direct plays, create audio dramas, and am working on a novel.I look up to narrators like Scott Brick, George Guidall, David Pittu, and Ray Porter, and I strive to bring a similar depth to my work. Despite my pursuits, I cherish quiet moments at home with my family and pets in the Ozarks.

J. Hazen | 2024